Ballet: Hidden Perils

Funny moment of the week: At dance, one of the guys (The prince) Was being “Killed” by the evil wizard. It’s a kind of scary piece of choreography actually, and it involves the prince being thrown around and lifted into the air by the wizard and his minions as a sacrifice.The wizard has a very intimidating “face” (A.K.A. mask) made by my mother.


Unfortunately, ballet is kind of dangerous, and as the prince was being put down, a minion got in the way, the prince slipped, and it ended with the prince in the bathroom trying to get the split above his eye to stop bleeding. Rather an interesting class….



3 thoughts on “Ballet: Hidden Perils

  1. Ouch! Thank goodness they don’t normally throw princesses around! =) What ballet are you doing? Love the mask. Your mom is so talented, and you are SO lucky!

    • Princesses do get thrown, but the men have a tendency of catching us. 😀 We are doing Firebird, and I’m loving every moment. (P.S. Saw the prince again today, he’s doing great)

      On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 4:29 PM, Sparkle Jane wrote:


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