It’s Getting There…

Now, I quilted a lot last summer, as I do every summer. That’s great, I know that it’s good for me, and I enjoy it. But as I was cleaning out my room this year….



I had almost forgotten about these! They are both such sweet quilts, and they had somehow just been…I’m not really sure. Set aside or something? Anyway, they’re going to get done now, I have decided. I’m making up a bunch of tops, and then I’m going to quilt them all at once, and, as my mom puts it, bind until my fingers bleed. I’ve finished the little top that I posted about a few days ago.


It’s such a silly little thing, but I really enjoy working small, and I haven’t worked on anything new for a long time, so this made me feel vastly better. I hope to continue working away, and I’m planning on having a booth at the farmers market again this year.

Keep things crafty!




3 thoughts on “It’s Getting There…

  1. Hi I know that this is a late post, but I had just found this. Your golds quilt is just gorgeous! I wouldn’t have realized how pretty those colors would make up!

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