I’m Feelin’ Blue…

Our school year here in Utah is coming to a close, and I’m glad. I’m ready for summer, ready to move on, ready to move up to ninth grade. Today was out last day of normal school (We have one more week for intensives) and I was expecting the tears. I’m going to be moving to the high school next year, but since my mom teaches at the middle school, I expected to be able to visit all of my favorite teachers a lot, and I could also visit my middle school friends to. There’s always going to be some nostalgia from moving out of what you’ve always known, but hey, I wasn’t dying. I thought.

Two of my best friends in eighth grade aren’t going to high school with me. One of them had been saying that they might go somewhere else, so that didn’t kill me, but the other….They’ve been all pumped and excited and happy with me. We’ve looked forward together. To add to the pain, my second favorite teacher (They’re behind my mom and tied with my home-room) is leaving. We, as an entire middle school, SOBBED. We couldn’t stop for the world. And now….Well, let’s say that I was severely dehydrated afterwards. 

But what do you do? I can’t change it, so I have to live. I just wish that I didn’t have to loose them. 

Thanks for listening to my growl,


3 thoughts on “I’m Feelin’ Blue…

  1. I’m so sorry, not-so-Sparkly Girl. Change is hard, no two ways about it. The friends, especially. I hope they will both be somewhere close so you can still see them. Not moving to somewhere like, say, Tennessee? =P You may find something to cheer you up in a day or three. How did your quilt project turn out?

  2. Ms. SparkleJane:

    I have to say that 8th grade was the best time for me. I had a bunch of friends since 4th grade and we were all great friends and very close. Then 9th grade showed up and things took a VERY drastic change for all of us. Unfortunately, change is hard at any age, it is how you deal with the change that makes you special. The world will still move on with or without you, but what you make of the world as it moves is what matters. Cherish these moments, keep those friends who are true close to you and wish the rest good luck and God Speed, because you will have new ones in the future.

    Have a wonderful fun filled summer and remember these times!

    Tonja W

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