Hey everybody!

I’m just giving you all a shout out, and a swift update on my life.

My three things going on right now:

Passage: It’s sort of like graduating with honors, great fun to prep for. We present to a panel made up of: Our home room teacher, a peer from the high school (one that’s done passage previously), a parent of a middle school peer (never our own parent), and one community member who has nothing to do with Venture personally. We present a portfolio of all of our middle school years, a letter to the community,  and a power point to the board to demonstrate our readiness for high school. It’s very time consuming to prep for, but I’m enjoying it.

Dance: As many of you know, I’m now officially a pointe dancer, plus I dance partners and teach. It gets pretty busy, and I dance four days a week, so yeah, my life rotates around that.

Quilting: I am mostly working on the wave quilt in my spare time right now, not much else to report I’m afraid.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are all as busily happy as I am!



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