I  have been doing a lot.


A ton. 

Ok, I admit, I’ve been falling a little behind on new projects but hey, I have been quilting. Remember that water quilt that I used to be so good about telling you about? Here’s an update. (Sorry, no pictures)

I’ve been working like fury on that, pretty much non stop. I pause now and again, taking some free time to do something other than quilt (such as now) but mostly I stitch. It’s going well, and I am pleased that I’ve been able to concentrate for so long. 

Happy reading,

Sparkle J.


4 thoughts on “Well…

  1. Get a picture up here, Ms. Sparkley One! =) I’ve been thinking about you and your project lately, wondering how it’s coming. How much more time, and how close to finished?

    • I only have a little more time *eep*. I’m about a forth of the way done, unfortunately. I’ll try to send some pictures.

      On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 5:11 PM, Sparkle Jane wrote:


  2. Just relax and enjoy the journey. It was the tortoise that won the race. I’ve still got 2 quilts that I started hand quilting 20 years ago. I will finish them one day.

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