No way….

As I signed in today, I saw something amazing. I have been blogging 2 whole years! No way, I had no idea that it’s been that long. Of course, that might be due to my shameful neglect of you all during my schooling months, (sorry) but still, two years, no way! Thank you all for being so patient with me, and for helping me so much with your encouraging and helpful comments.

I’ve grown so much over these years, and I thank all of my faithful readers. You deserve quite a bit of praise for all you have done to help me become a better quilter, sewer, and, upon occasion, fashion model (kinda). 

I also want to say thank you to my mother, Deanna. She started this blog for me (setup and such) for my twelfth birthday 2 years ago, and I could not have done any of what I do with out her help. She’s taught me everything I know about quilting, in some way or another. Even the things I have self taught were caused because she encouraged me to be curious and take chances and make mistakes (of which there were many when I first started). So thank you Mom for everything you do. I love you. If any of you want to check out my Mom’s blog, it’s called

I’ve really enjoyed these two years, and hope to enjoy many more to come. 

Thank you all,

Sparkle Jane



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