Tip: Hiding Spots with Markers

Catbird Quilt Studio

Keep a supply of colored, permanent fabric markers. They work great for covering small mars in the fabric, such as when a thread slub resists printing. And when you’re hand-stitching binding, if the thread goes through to the wrong side, you can hide the error by coloring it.

Do you use markers when you quilt? Do you have tips and ideas for using them? Share with us!

Here’s a comment from my Stashbusters friend Sandy:

I used a black sharpie marker on a quilt…. Once!

This is a long time ago when I was very nervous about quilting feathers, so I drew them all out on computer paper… I even had the old connecting computer paper then…so that they would go around the corners and things.

I quilted one border at a time, and then removed the paper. The first one, I pulled diagonally to release the paper, but it…

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One thought on “Tip: Hiding Spots with Markers

  1. That’s a good tip. Once I used a black Sharpie, and a couple of times, I’ve used Pigma pens. It was almost always on applique!

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