Afghan Times

I recently visited my grandparents, and while we were there my Grandma gave me a bag with some yarn in it. It was very pretty yarn, all pinks and blues and yellows, in baby tints. After rummaging in the bag a bit, I realised that it was a partially made blanket, but that was made with knitting needles. Neither my mom nor I knit, and I had a purpose in mind for the yarn, so during the drive home, I unwound the partially made object, and started something of my own. There was a new baby in my ward, so why not?



I also added a little decorative edge to the afghan. So cute! I love it and hope that its new owners will too.


Thanks for reading!

Sparkle Jane T.

5 thoughts on “Afghan Times

  1. Great job! Love the edging for it. Such a perfect design for the yarn. This was my favorite type of baby blanket for my kids. I’m sure it will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

  2. Of course she will love it! It’s beautiful and that’s great yarn for a baby. How wonderful that your grandmother gave it to you, and you’ve already used it.

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