Well, I Have Been…

I have been being useful, regardless of my lack of activity. Between all of the school, dancing, and homework, I haven’t had much downtime. All of my time that I have been on the computer has mostly been devoted to the writing of essays.  All eighth graders have a typing test soon, so I’ve been doing practice essays at school. Thusly a severe lack of postiness.

But believe it or not, I have been getting a little done. In science we’re learning about water, and we got to pick a personal project. Our teacher said that we could pick any project, as long as it had to do with water: Art, poems, experiments, whatever. We gave her a proposal, and she would approve, make suggestions, or disapprove, with information on why.  My proposal: An all blue, purple, and sea-foam green bargello quilt. It demonstrates the wave patterns of water, right? 🙂 My teacher loved the idea, and thusly…This.


Trying to choose how to lay out all those little pieces is exhausting! Thusly me, dead on the floor (not literally) and still dreaming about how on earth I could decide. I did, eventually, and now I’ve been busily sewing like a maniac. I’ve been on one of those sewing kicks where you can’t really stop for too long without hearing the fabric singing to you from the sewing room. 🙂 Most of my weekend has been spent in the sewing room, busily sewing away.


So there you are. I’ve been sewing, and just haven’t had typing times.  I hope you all had a good Valentines Day.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane

4 thoughts on “Well, I Have Been…

  1. Fabulous project, and kudos to the teacher for allowing that kind of creativity in her class, that kind of thinking outside the box. It’s really great when spending time at the sewing machine is your homework, isn’t it? =)

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