Christmas In January

My Grandmother has always been very generous with presents over Christmas time. And she is always careful to make sure the presents between my brother and me have been fair. But this year, while looking at the presents and trying to figure out what they were, my brother and I discovered a VERY large box. We read the tag and…It was for me! While looking through the other boxes, we found no others nearly so large. So we had to wonder what it was. The box wasn’t heavy, so it couldn’t be electronic.  We were, needless to say,  curious.  Christmas day came, and we began unwrapping. As we got to the huge box, we all paid much attention to it. I took the paper off and well…Let’s just show a pic…Roll the camera!


Boots! And rather fantastic ones I might add. My mom plotted a photo shoot outside, so here they are.

My mom has a tendency of deliberately making me laugh while we do photo shoots, so I’m laughing in most of them…(Notice that the cat joined in.)


Love the whole outfit, but especially the boots!

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane T.

P.S. My brother had a box as small as mine was large, but his was a watch. Fair to the tee.

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