Brother Love

I haven’t been around very much but I have accomplished something.

One of my friends younger brothers was recently baptised into the LDS church. I was not able to attend his baptism, (The darling actually invited me, HOW CUTE!) So how to express my congratulations? He had always shown an interest in my quilting, especially after I gifted one to his sister, so why not? He likes dogs, and I had a doggy print fat quarter, so here goes.


I didn’t think that I’ve ever had any more fun making a quilt. It was such a fun theme to use, and I had all the perfect fabric sitting in my small fabric box, already in my room! (The large stash is in a closet downstairs.) Brown doggy prints, red polka dots, and larger red-and-black print make up the top.


And the doggy fat quarter became the pieced back. I love this quilt.

And the real question. Did he like it? Very much. I was so pleased that he liked it, and now have a request from the youngest girl of the family (5), for one for her baptism. Successful? I certainly think so.

Thanks for reading.

Sparkle Jane.


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