Kitty Olympic Practice

I can’t wait for winter, because it brings out the funny in my cat.



Here are the kitties during the summer….Normal, polite, good mannered cats.

But winter brings out a new side of our little black-and-white cat…..


Fearsome wild kitty emerges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!


This cat has an addiction to snow chasing. Don’t ask me why. She’s always done it. But it is so funny to watch.


She spends hours hours and hours during the winter chasing through the snow after nothing. It’s my personal favorite winter sport to watch, because some of the aerial acrobatics that cat pulls off would make an olympic gymnast jealous. (Sorry, we don’t have any good aerial shots.)


When we get home from being somewhere and the deck looks like this, we all know what happened. The kitty was participating in her favorite sport; chasing nothing in the snow.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane


8 thoughts on “Kitty Olympic Practice

  1. Aren’t cats funny? Probably your other cat hates the feeling of cold, wet snow! Our cat used to go out in it, lift a paw, shake it off, lift another, shake it off. It was something she couldn’t seem to understand!

    • Hahaha!!!!!!!! That’s how our other cat is, she can’t stand the stuff! But Domino has been the craziest cat I have ever met from the first time I met her as a 1 week old kitten, so I shouldn’t be surprised! We all love her to pieces though.[?]

  2. That is so funny. I remember our little dog Scruffy used to make snow angels in the snow. She love to roll around and when she would come in she would have like little icicles all over.

  3. My kitty Tigger does that inside – chasing bugs that only he can see. He’s declawed so he can’t go outside by himself, he has to be fastened into a straightjacket-like vest with a leash and then HE walks ME. We are the talk of the neighborhood. Your kitties are very pretty and/or handsome as the case may be.

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