Little (Or Not So Little) Chickens

O.K. its high time that I got back into the blogging world. I know that summer is a busy time for all, but that is no excuse, I MUST get back on top of things before school starts on the 19th. If I don’t get it done now, I may never get it done in the chaos of Back-to-school nights and the start of school. Here goes nothing.

I should have told you about this 8 weeks ago, but the thought slipped my mind and I didn’t get to it.

We, meaning my family and I, have baby chickens.


This is the box that they came in. We ordered them online and they mailed them to us! We actually got to pick baby chickens up from a post office!


We didn’t know that baby chickens slept so much. The chicks would all be running around, and then they would all be asleep, which made us all laugh really hard.



Of course, they also spent a LOT of time eating and playing in the sawdust.


This is my favorite chicken, Can you believe that when she is full grow she will look like this?!?!


This was news to me. I didn’t think that they would look THAT different. Oh well.

Well really, I procrastinated to the point that they aren’t really babies anymore……



Well, I procrastinated so long that they are this big now….Oops.


The two chickens in this picture (reading from left to right) are Dot who is a golden Laced Wyandotte, and Gravy, who is a Light Brahma.


The cleaver looking chicken on top of their feeder is Buff, A Buff Orpington, and the striped one behind her is The  Valedictorian Chicken, called either Val, or Tori, who is a Barred Rock, The chicken behind her is Hydra, a Speckled Sussex. We have 8 babies though, the other Two who you can’t see very well in any of the pictures are Red, a Rhode Island Red, and Blackberry, a Silver Laced Wyandotte.

But, as I’m sure you have noticed, that only counts to SEVEN hens. Oops. We ordered EIGHT hens.


Apparently, even experts get mixed up sometimes. We got one Amelia Gonzales ROOSTER. We can’t have roosters where we live, because they make too much noise. We have found him a good home where he is allowed to crow.  The chickens are now two months old and flourishing.


This is the coop they will be living in sometime soon. Our big chickens live in it right now, and that would be fine, except, the little gray chicken you see in the picture despises the baby chickens. We are waiting till they get a bit bigger than she is to put them in the same cage.


7 thoughts on “Little (Or Not So Little) Chickens

    • There are nine now, not including the roo that has to leave. The egg production is good, but the babies don’t lay yet, and production goes down over the winter some. They are so much fun!!!!!!!

      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 11:07 AM, Sparkle Jane

  1. Thanks for the update; good to hear from you 🙂 I am a big fan of chickens (they are so entertaining !). Our first batch of 6 adorable baby hens yielded 3 roosters 😦 …and we couldn’t keep them due to crowing at all hours. Eventually the whole group went to a friend’s ranch where they could make all the noise they wanted.
    I can’t believe Summer is coming to a close and my sewing projects I was sure would be done by now are sadly NOT. I think it’s okay, tho, because where we live (Indiana) we have plenty of snowed-in days where the motivation to stay in and sew is stronger than in the Summer when the distraction of the great outdoors looms large. Best of luck on your projects ! Looking forward to seeing them in pictures on your site.

  2. Welcome back Sparkle! Thanks for the update on the chickens. Probably good that the rooster is going to another good home, otherwise you might end up with more babies than you expect. I think all animals are a fun to watch (some from a distance) I still enjoy watching my spoiled cat play and try to catch the birds at the bird feeder. Summer is a busy time for most, I can’t believe it is over. Schools have already started in my area. You must be doing all you can with school just 1 week away.

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