I Had Fun!

My school had a dance a while ago (and when I say a while I mean 2 months ago:) My school calls dances “Stomps”, which doesn’t make sense until you go to one and see that none of the guys ever dance with the girls. You can’t really blame them because if you do dance with someone people will video tape you. No joke, they really will. All “Stomps” are planned by the student leaders, and I am a student leader, so I knew about it before the rest of the student body. Because of this I had a lot of time to plan an outfit.


The final outfit was Black skinny jeans with orange shirt, turquoise tank-top, black hat with orange ribbon (not the hat in the picture, we decided on a different black hat last-minute, but it did still have the same ribbon), and a scarf that I made myself. The scarf is easy to make and I will probably do a tutorial on it sometime. The outfit was a success and I had a great time.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane


3 thoughts on “I Had Fun!

  1. Maybe video cameras and phones should be checked at the door. =) It seems like no one can do anything any more without it winding up spread everywhere on phones and internet. Love your outfit.

  2. Glad you had a fun time. Yes, maybe phones could be checked in at the door.
    Dances called Stomps, in my teenage years we did “:The Stomp”.

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