Elaborate Hair

My mom does amazing things with my hair. How she gets it to do things like this is beyond me, I cant get it to do much more than lay straight or be in a low ponytail. She always has a new idea for every event.
I was worried about speaking, but it went really well. I think that having a great hairstyle definitely helped my confidence.
Thanks Mom!
Sparkle Jane

Wedding Dress Blue

As Sparkle Jane has grown into a young woman and learned to take care of her hair, we have allowed it to grow out from a bob to well past her shoulders.  While it is quite fine-textured, it is very thick and naturally sun-streaked.  There are certainly worse problems for a girl to have.

Sunday she spoke (delivering a sermon) in our general church meeting, known as Sacrament Meeting.  She shared her thoughts  on the importance of the covenant of sacrament/communion.


The occasion called for, or at least was a good excuse for, elaborate hair.  This took about 10 or 15 minutes, but it is a pretty good idea that would be even more fun with more time spent.  The big challenge with elaborate hair is making it structurally sound so it will hold up to the rigors of the day.  These pictures were taken in the afternoon, so it…

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3 thoughts on “Elaborate Hair

  1. Very pretty hairdo! Glad it helped you with the confidence thing, although I bet a lot of your confidence came because you knew your subject and prepared really well!

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