Easter Sunday

For my Easter dress this year my mom and I did, not a remodel, but a make over. I found out recently that my great-grandmother was quite the sewer. She would make my grandmother a new dress for every occasion big or small. One of these dresses that she got when she was about my age she kept, and had me try on. Success! It fits almost perfectly. ( Just a little tall in the torso.)

The zipper was a little hashed, but that is to be expected in a dress that is 50 years old. So we put in a new zipper. After finding the perfect shade of pink jacket, we have a very cute Easter outfit for a beautiful but chilly morning.


The pin you see on the jacket is what I was making in my previous post, WEATHER REPORT. If you want to make the pin, click HERE. I made mine a little larger than she did, 3-1/2″ base, and used about 2-1/2 yards of rick rack.  It was easy!



I hope you all had a great Easter.

Sparkle Jane

P.S. Happy April fools day! Tell me of any pranks you play!

5 thoughts on “Easter Sunday

  1. Darling dress and I love the pin you made. Check my post today for AprilFool’s day. Americanvintagequilts.com. Hope you don’t get any tricks pulled on you today at school.

  2. Beautiful outfit, and so girly, love it! And the pin is just the crowning touch. I don’t play AF pranks. So many are just mean! =)

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