Hello every one! Happy Valentines day. My present to myself is… SEWING TIME! Which I haven’t had very much of lately by the way. I hope every ones having a good weekend.

Sparkle Jane


3 thoughts on “HI!!!!!!

  1. Hello Jane! Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Enjoy your sewing time this weekend. I am hoping to get some in, although I have a couple knitted charity projects I need to finish also.

    Hope your weekend is great!

  2. I’m sewing. How bad could it be? =) Working on the American Hero top – I’ve just pinned on the first border sides. Yay! Hope you are enjoying your project, whatever it is. I’m imagining you sitting near your mom, and both of you sewing away! And here I sit, all by my lonesome, except for about 5 online friends for our UFO weekend. Feel sorry for me yet? LOL

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