I can’t believe that I fit in it. So very happy that I do though.

Wedding Dress Blue

About 50 years ago my Grandmother, Carmen, made my mother a dress.  She was a very good seamstress and sewed and sewed a princess wardrobe for her only daughter.


Mom kept a few of the most special things and a while back dug this dress out.  It needed a zipper and a little TLC, but the craftsmanship and care in construction was evident. Also evident was that, while Daughter is taller than mom, she is a similar build.  Maybe the dress would fit.


So, I replaced the zipper, using Carmen’s machine, for luck.


Then, today it was time for a serious soak in hot water and Oxyclean.  You could tell the fabric had yellowed over time by looking at it, but the appearance of the water is always a slightly gross shock.

A short delicate wash and dry cycle and some ironing later it was time for the big test: would it fit?

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  1. I loved the photos of you wearing it. It’s one of those dresses that needs to be modeled. I had one like it, in robin’s egg blue, that was a favorite dress.

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