My whole house was dusty for ages. Lots of fun, too much dust.

Wedding Dress Blue

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was finishing a quilt while watching Husband work away on the bathroom remodel.  Well, the bathroom is about 99% finished and I was able to shower in it this week.

So, here is part of the story.  We moved into this house approximately 10 years ago.  It had been vacant for two years and suffered damage both before and during the vacancy that made it understandable that it hadn’t sold.  We needed to move and were looking for a house and Husband came home one day and said, “I think I have found the house, and I think you are going to hate me.”

When I saw the place–ugly, filthy dirty, broken, smelly–I knew what he meant.  It was truly horrible, but as soon as I walked in, it felt like home.  I wasn’t happy, but I was home.

We have worked…

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  1. Ah the good old remodeling days! I remember them well! =) I will have to do my kitchen one of these days, but not for quite a while yet, so I’ll keep breathing – unless the raccoon in the attic forces renovation!

  2. but wasn’t it worth all the dust???? this house was covered in sand plaster when we bought it 50 years ago..when we remodeled it some 25-30 years ago talk about dust!!!!!! but it was soooo worth it..

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