Not as Scary as I Thought it Would Be

It really wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. It was just kind of big. Or in my opinion, REALLY big.

red apple-sarah quilt 006

Isn’t this pretty!!!!!!!!! I love the colors! I love the design, and basically just love  this quilt

red apple-sarah quilt 009

The diagonals on the border worried me when I first looked a them, but there really quite easy I’ve  discovered.

red apple-sarah quilt 007

I love this fabric line! I’m not typically a fan of pink but I love this!

red apple-sarah quilt 008

And a slightly pieced back is the final touch.

This quilt has been shipped off to its happy home with Katie,who is the daughter of Sarah, who ordered it.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane


8 thoughts on “Not as Scary as I Thought it Would Be

  1. I’m glad it turned out easier than you feared. It’s a gorgeous quilt. It sounds like it was hard to send it away. Your skills just grow by leaps and bounds! Love the back.

  2. It’s always nice when something turns out easier than you expected; happens to me about half the time.A very interesting border treatment, putting the neutral squares outside of the blue sawtooth border. I like it!

  3. Love! love! love it!!! You did a great job. It is just beautiful. I love the colours myself. I don’t think you can find a nicer pink than those double pinks and the cadet blue works so well with them. The back is wonderful, my favourite way to make a back. Pat yourself on the back, beautiful quilt. The new owner will love it.

  4. i like the color combination, too and that is not a pinky pink so i like it too…the blue is perfect with it…you did a great job of placing the squares together at their best advantage and the quilting is of these days i’m going to learn to do that!!!!! great job!!!!

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