The Chickens’ New Home

So, my grandparents arrived last Thursday at about midnight from Colorado bearing gifts. A new chicken house, still not yet assembled.

We all got up Friday to assemble the new ” Chicken Castle” as grandma puts it.

Chicken Castle is the right name for it, if you consider the fact that it has a hinged nesting box top (the chickens love that feature), and a south-facing  window that allows for passive solar heat in the winter.

And heaven forbid that the Chicken Castle got to hot in the summer. Air conditioning, in the form of a vent, that is carefully screened and covered, has been installed with hinges for easy use.

And a feature that we humans can enjoy, a door that is easily opened. And metal roofing so we never have leaks (sorry I don’t have a picture of the roof, it’s green)

And my own mini chickens favorite, The ramp!

When the ramp was first installed to the new house, K.F.P spent several minutes scampering up and down the ramp enjoying how fast she could go without slipping.

The Chicken Castle is a huge success.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane


2 thoughts on “The Chickens’ New Home

  1. Chickens are so funny to watch. Judy Laquidara writes about her chickens in Texas and my friend Gail writes about hers in Wyoming. I can’t say I ever want any, but they are amusing creatures.

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