Brown Bumble Bees

More sewing has been accomplished! This quilt is a first for me, because I typically use fairly bright colors. But I still like this quilt and I has inspired me to use as little more dark fabric in quilts to come. I really like this quilt. Do you?

This quilt is fun! The darker hues make it very pleasant to look at and I kind of like the depth of the quilt.

I think it’s a great fall quilt. If any of you have good fall quilts to share, would you please send me a picture?

Thank a lot,

Sparkle Jane


6 thoughts on “Brown Bumble Bees

  1. It looks just right for fall! I find myself shifting color possibilities all the time. I love them all: pastels, brights, darks, muted tones … I have a friend who says every quilt should have something dark, bright, and dull. Not sure I agree (thinking of pastel baby quilt), but I think of it when designing. I have a lot of fall colored fabrics, but none made up into quilts yet.

  2. Beautiful quilt. It certainly does look fallish. We only use the term ‘Autumn’ her in Australia, but I do like the term ‘Fall’.

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