Oh My Gosh, Did You Make That?

Saturday I went to the Halloween themed birthday party of my friend, Ivy.  We got to wear costumes, eat yummy treats and generally have a good time.

Ivy loves purple so I decided that the purple messenger bag would be a good present.

It went like this:

Ivy said, “Oh my gosh thank you!  This is awesome!”

Her mom asked, “Is that from a pattern?  Did you really make that?”

Partygoer said, “That is so cool!”

Yes, people asked if my mom made it and were really surprised when I said, “No.”  Ivy really likes it and  plans to stick her scriptures in it for church.


3 thoughts on “Oh My Gosh, Did You Make That?

  1. It felt good to share, AND to receive compliments, didn’t it? I’ll bet orders will come along as others see the bag, too. Are your sewing fingers ready? =)

  2. Of course Ivy would love it, you did a beautiful job making it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more scripture holders appearing at church once you and Ivy use yours.

  3. What a cute bag and such a perfect gift for your friend! Good for you! Karen

    On Sun, Oct 14, 2012 at 11:29 AM, Sparkle Jane

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