The Pains And Perfections Of Pointe Shoes

I have finally achieved a thing that I have always wanted, POINTE SHOES! I am an avid ballet dancer and have been dancing for 6 years (this is my 7th). Now all those years have paid off. I have the pointe shoes and am now dancing on them. But learning to put them on was an interesting experience.

Mrs. Penny (one of my dance teachers, and the owner of the studio that I dance at) had all the girls in my class come to her house to learn how to put them on.

After getting home I put on the shoes for a while and walked around my house. After about 15 minutes I decided that I was very done. I have hour-long classes, so that meant I had to spend 4 times as long on the shoes, and I would be dancing. Painful? You bet. But I love this sort of pain. Each class hurts less, and each class I love more than the one before.

I love pointe shoes!

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane


5 thoughts on “The Pains And Perfections Of Pointe Shoes

  1. I have always wanted to wear them as well … I danced when I was younger, but haven’t since. I’ll never say never, but unlikely I will take up dance long enough to earn pointe shoes. I can enjoy the beauty from afar 😉

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