Chicken Update

Finally time has been dropped in front of me. What a surprise, I have time to type!Well back to the subject. all the chickens have been named. The larger of the to white chickens is named Victoria, the smaller, Mrs. Winners. The dark red one is Churchy, and the lighter red one is Houdini, and don’t forget K.F.P.

We have had many good breakfasts so far. Fried egg from those chickens are great!

The big surprise came when we found a double yolk egg, which was twice as big as a normal egg and, according to my dad, absolutely Delicious.

This week has been awesome.

Sparkle Jane


6 thoughts on “Chicken Update

  1. I love the names of all of your chickens, Sweetie! Maybe now that you have a little time you could sew them up some chicken booties – LOL! I will think about you at breakfast time tomorrow!

  2. Good names for your hens. I am cooking with eggs to-night but they won’t be fresh from the backyard like yours. Glad to see you have some free time.

  3. The chickens and their names are adorable. I haven’t seen a double-yolk egg in a long time.

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