When Life Gives You Chickens…

My Labor Day was spent in a very interesting way. We were asked if we would adopt some chickens.

These chickens had been purchased by some friends of ours and placed in their yard, only for them to find out that all chickens in their area had to be 75 feet from every house. Because of this, my Monday was spent prepping the backyard for chickens, and moving the chickens in.

The next thing we did was name the chickens. Truthfully, not much naming got done. All that was decided was that all the chickens where going to be named after chicken joints, and that, since the small gray one was about the size and color of a pigeon, it would be named Kentucky Fried Pigeon, K.F.P for short.

Tuesday we got our first eggs: two fairly good-sized medium brown ones, and tiny light brown one, courtesy of K.F.P.

My cats are horrified, but that’s to be expected.

Thanks for reading,

Sparkle Jane

P.S. If you know any good chicken joint names please tell.


4 thoughts on “When Life Gives You Chickens…

  1. Hot Wings? LOL Gizzard Breath? Feather Brain? I could go on, but you’d probably rather I not. So did you eat those eggs? Fight over them? Make custard?

  2. i love the sound of chickens…they all seem so content and to me it is a happy sound—well maybe not a rooster waking me up at the crack of dawn but the steady cluck of gossipy chickens is a soothing home sound..nothing like fresh eggs that came from your own place..love the little ‘banty’…and the name is cute!!! KFP..i hope she doesn’t figure out the first two letters!!!!!!!

  3. Well, there’s a wonderful fried chicken place here called Stroud’s. There’s a local chain called Go Chicken Go and two national chains ‘Church’s’ and Popeye’s.

  4. chicken places via Wikipedia:

    Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken
    Church’s Chicken
    Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
    Mrs. Winner’s
    Roy Rogers
    Harold’s Chicken Shack
    Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers
    Pollo Campero
    Brown’s Chicken & Pasta
    Kennedy Fried Chicken
    Crown Fried Chicken
    Bush’s Chicken
    El Pollo Loco

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