My Own Twenty Seconds Of Fame

As I was working on some things downstairs I heard my mom calling me.  She was telling me to come up-stairs.  The only thing that worried me is she used a tone of voice that I thought was only for when I was in trouble. I went up the stairs.  I couldn’t help but wonder what I had done wrong.

When I reached the top of the stairs my mom handed me the newspaper. Curious, I started to read a the article she pointed out. Eeeeeep! The whole article was about Sparkle Jane Quilts! If you would like to read this very kind article just go HERE.

Thanks  for everything!


8 thoughts on “My Own Twenty Seconds Of Fame

  1. Congrats to you Sparkle Jane! I hope the news will spread and that you’ll sell more of your quilts!

    Have a great week!


    On Mon, Aug 20, 2012 at 9:17 AM, Sparkle Jane

  2. i read the article in your mom’s blog and i am soooooo proud of you!!!! start a scrapbook!! there are many more to come believe me!!! keep up the good work !! you have got the talent and the personality…who knows?? we may be watching you on tv one of these days with your own quilting show!!!!!

  3. Oh! wow, great article. You just never know who will cross your path in life and maybe make a difference to it. I hope this crossing generates a lot of business your way. Really cool! congratulations.

  4. I read the article, Abigail, and I think that is a wonderful way to tap into the resources of your friends who have American Dolls. I’m goung to check out your pincushions because I am a collector of pincushions!

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