Fun Plans

A friend of my moms sent me a box of fabric. At first when looking at the postage we cuoldn’t beleive that it  was the fabric, simply because it weighed too much. But after opening it we found out that it was fabric. And lots of it.

Enough dog fabric for one quilt.

And some fabric that I really like, and happen to be my favorite since I have two, CATS!

And then some fabric in great amounts. The biggest pile, music fabric!

So, Thanks so much Pat for all the awesome fabric!

Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Fun Plans

  1. What a wonderful assortment! Lucky you. I look forward to seeing what you make of all this (and hearing a girls camp report, too!) I was setting aside much smaller scraps today from the pile on my cutting table as I made squares for a border.

  2. i can just see that you are going to be a creative quilter with this fabric..anxious to see what you make of it..i know it will be something good..

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