Lovely Leader-Ender

The prize for “the tiniest thing I have ever even thought of making” definitely goes to this nine patch quilt. Or should I say the pieces are the tiniest things I ever thought of using.

The blocks are 1-1/4 inch squares that finish to 3/4 of an inch. That means the block ends up at 2-1/4 inches when it’s all said and done. 1-1/4″ doesn’t sound much smaller than 1-1/2″ but the difference is evident.

This is my leader ender project so it won’t be done for a while, but it is going to be a large quilt when it’s done. All those tiny squares set on point should be really cute.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Lovely Leader-Ender

  1. Good morning! I can see why this will take you some time with all those small pieces. The one you showed is so cute with all the scrappiness! Have fun using all these little pieces. I look forward to seeing the finished quilt!

    Have a great day! Karen

  2. I’ll have to say 1-1/4 inch blocks are not that much fun for me to work with. I don’t like to go smaller than 1-1/2. You should have a really cute quilt when you’re finished.

  3. good for you!!!! i could never do it..i have tried tiny things before and i just cannot maneuver them..but i wish you luck..i can hardly wait to see it when it is done..i love leader/ender projects..makes it seem like you are not working on a quilt at all and all of a sudden you have enough to make a complete top!!!!

  4. Way too tiny for me! LOL Should I send you my scraps that are less than 1-1/2″? That’s as small as I go, and often, I don’t go that small! I do use some in leader-ender beepie blocks, but there are always more than I can use in a reasonable period of time. I’m very willing to share! Those blocks WILL look cute on point. Are you putting something between them, or setting them solid?

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