Pioneer Days In Patriotic Utah

I love living in Utah because of the strong sense of patriotism. In July we don’t just have independence day, we also have pioneer day. Even at public events, small bits of history are played out on the streets, simply for enjoyment.

One of the best thing in the world , in my opinion is to hear prancing horse hooves as old-time western shoot out is reenacted to delight all the spectators.

Every time a stage couch was robbed the strong box held nothing but candy. Oh darn!

If you want to learn more about Pioneer Days go HERE.

Thank you for reading!


3 thoughts on “Pioneer Days In Patriotic Utah

  1. When I was first in the church in Arizona, we always had a celebration for July 24. I miss that. At least back here in the east, they no longer do it.

  2. What fun, when we lived in the mountains of Northern California we had pioneer days in October. We did lot of different crafts to entertain the children—quilting, candle making, finger knitting, etc. They all got to go from table to table and make things. We wore pioneer dresses, aprons, and bonnets. Had a bank robbery, shoot out, music, and all kind of activities for everyone and of course food.

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