Market Report

Yay!  Success!  The weather, you ask?  Couldn’t have been better!  Last time I went (last year) it was so hot I almost didn’t want to be there.

Saturday was warm, but lots of cloud cover so we weren’t getting too hot. And, being right under a tree probably helped some. Now that I think about it, I should probably tell you where I was.


Every Saturday from July to September there is Farmers and Arts Market where people have booths and sell stuff.  There is a special program for young entrepreneurs. They call it Little Sprouts, which I HATE! But, it is a great opportunity since the booth space is only $5, and you have a good chance of being fairly compensated for your investment.

The day started out fairly slow, but by the end I sold three quilts and only had three pincushions left.  Note to self:  Make more pincushions. 🙂

One thing annoyed me.  Many, many people who walked by stopped and touched the quilts.  Well, really, they touched ONE quilt:  Lilac Hills.  That poor thing was so fingered up by the end of the day, that I just wanted to say, “Go ahead and BUY it already!”  But, alas, it came home and is sitting in my inventory pile still.  Oh, well, I am sure I will find its owner sometime.

 Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “Market Report

  1. I was a seller in a Christmas market one year and I hated that everybody touched all the handmade things but didn’t necessarily buy anything. It sounds like you had a great market day.

  2. i sold for years and years at arts and crafts shows and i sold baby comforters among other things and i am here to tell you unless you put stuff back where people can;t get to it but can only see it they will touch it…but you won;t sell a thing…you have to have it so people can touch and ooh and ahh…you did well and yes get busy on pincushions .,…i have an order for you soon!!! your display was so nice…..

  3. Congratulations on your successful day. Here’s to many more.
    Yes, we humans are a very touchy being. From produce at the supermarkets to furniture, clothing and even buying cars. We just touch everything. Lilac Hill is just waiting for someone with a special touch to come along. It will be the touching that will sell it.

  4. Wonderfull sales day, your lilac quilt with find it’s special home, it’s just waiting for the right person. I know sometimes times people can just afford something small, and when you think of time and fabric/stuffing that goes into making to the pincushions you probably make a better profit, Also some my see your booth and come back later to buy. You planted the seed to let them know you are there and you make quilts. Congratulations.

  5. Glad that the day was successful for you!

    It’s been my experience that for markets and things like that, people are way more willing to buy small things than large things. The larger things will draw them in, but they don’t often leave with something as big as a quilt unless they actually came looking for one. It’s a shame, because there’s so much effort and work that goes into a quilt that can go underappreciated by so many.

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