Lilac Hills

Charm packs seem to be the most perfect things to use for quilts. When you want something quick and coordinated, it’s almost silly how perfect they are. I added the off-white squares, but the real beauty is the charm pack.

This fabric reminds me of my back yard because we have a lilac tree. I love bright colors but the subtle colors are more relaxing.


The back adds to the calm, relaxing feeling of the quilt. All in all, it’s a very quiet quilt.

Thanks for reading!


5 thoughts on “Lilac Hills

  1. You put me to shame with your machine quilting. One bad experience years ago has kept me from trying, but it’s about time I got over that, right? 😉

  2. You are right. Charm packs (and jelly rolls and layer cakes) are just the perfect thing for quilts. I use them more and more.
    Another pretty quilt. Great work.

  3. i too have a lilac bush in my yard and i do love that…i —like you— like the restfulness of it..can just see that on an end table or an entry table…the small quilts make such neat table toppers…charm packs and the precuts are fun to work with and sometimes a challenge trying to think of the best way to use seem to have that down pat…

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