Neat And Tidy

It’s another red and white quilt and I love it! The blocks were based off a pattern that I had that I wanted to try but hadn’t had a chance to. The fabric used was one of the many piles that I got out of a scrap bag. My mom and I decided that since all the scraps were so many different sizes and shapes, that as we got to each pile we would look at the fabric and decide what pattern would fit it best. For the red and white pile neat and tidy was the best pattern for those scraps.

It was going to be so small if it was just the blocks, so we decided that sashing and  a border would make it a better size.

Its size is approximately 41″x41″, and is available in the QUILTS FOR SALE section above.

Keep quilting!


6 thoughts on “Neat And Tidy

  1. Believe it or not, although I do love both red and white, I have never made a red and white quilt! The picture of your red/white quilt has convinced me that I do need to make one! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Have fun quilting!

    Hugs, Karen from MI

  2. i have never made a red and white quilt either and yours looks so crisp and clean…so pretty…i will have to think about making one…you have such a way with prints and colors…the border just sets it off beautifully…another job well done..

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