More Than I Ever Expected!

Do any of you remember the post I did a while ago! The one called The Horror Of… The Big Clean!? Well at the end of that post I mentioned that I thought I had about, say, twenty projects. I was not even close! I need to get to work!

  1. Dino quilt
  2. Red quilt
  3. Teddy bear
  4. Mancala
  5. Flannel quilt
  6. Lady bug wall-hanging
  7. Bright baby girl quilt
  8. Schulte place mats
  9. Crocheted bag
  10. Quilted key chain
  11. Ducky quilt
  12. Old fashioned fabric quilt
  13. Pink pin wheel top
  14. Winter quilt on point
  15. Winter strip quilt
  16. Antique flower quilt
  17. Patriotic place mats
  18. ballerina mice quilt
  19. Valentine quilt
  20. Christmas stockings
  21. Halloween quilt
  22. Story block quilt
  23. Blue, yellow, and brown quilt
  24. Christmas quilt
  25. bumblebee quilt leftovers
  26. Purple and green quilt
  27. Pink and green triangle quilt
  28. Brown bee quilt
  29. Big pink and white blocks
  30. Christmas ornaments
  31. Blue and yellow quilt
  32. Picture frame
  33. Old fabric quilt
  34. Pink and red kitty quilt
  35. Bow tie quilt
  36. Painted kitties
  37. Antique cats quilt
  38. Berry quilt
  39. Boy and girl strip quilt
  40. Spring snowballs quilt
  41. Pin cushions
  42. Bugs quilt
  43. Civil war quilt
  44. Humming bird crosstitch
  45. frogs crosstitch

Oops… maybe I should work on those.


7 thoughts on “More Than I Ever Expected!

  1. Are these on your to do list or your UFO list? Either way, your a real quilter now. SJ, our ideas flow faster than our sewing machines can sew. Going to be a busy summer.

  2. OMG! And I thought MY list was long!! You’ve made me feel MUCH better about my unfinished projects now, but I guess as you’re so young, your list is bound to be longer than mine, as I’ve already done loads over the years, you have ZILLIONS of crafty years ahead you lucky girl!



  3. Looks like you have about as many projects on the go as I do! Sometimes I dread taking a complete inventory of the projects that I’m partway through, because it will just intimidate me to look at the sheer amount that I have to finish!

    Maybe I’ll dedicate 2013 to finishing all my UFOs. Yes, that’s it. I’ll just do it all next year!

    Best of luck!

  4. what a list!!!! and what fun things there are on it..i know you will eventually get them all done and add more along the least you have them listed so can cross them off when finished..good luck!!!

  5. Oh no!!! never, never, ever count what you have started and not finished. You can get too dejected that way. Only joking. You are very brave counting them and then being accountable to us. You have a variety of projects there. The portable ones you can take places with you and do a bit at a time when time permits. It is marvelous how much you can get done 5 mins here and 5 mins there. Make a deal with yourself, finish 2-3 of these projects to every 1 new one. That will get your list cleaned up real quick. Maybe I should make a deal with myself. But please don’t ask me to count mine first. Not going to happen. I would have to stay in bed for a year.

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