Busy Bumblebees

It’s done! It’s done! It’s really, truly done!

Busy bumblebee is so fun to make. All the bumblebee fabric came from a friend of my mom. I didn’t do boarders very much before this but now I love them!

The back is more pieced than what I usually do but it suits the quilt, don’t you think?

It’s dimensions are approximately, 43″x45″.

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11 thoughts on “Busy Bumblebees

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  2. very nice…the pieced back makes it special…it’s hand made! I have the same yellow with bees I’m working into a bumble bee quilt right now! keep up the fabulous work!

  3. beautiful job!! the colors are great and the bees look like they are having fun!!!! a nice laprobe size..you do beautiful work!!!

  4. That is a darling quilt, larger than most that you do. Once you add borders you realize they are not so scary. There are some quilts that I still prefer not putting a border on, sometimes they just don’t need it. Yours look very nice on the bees.

  5. Although I like to look at other peoples’ pieced backings, when I get to that point I am usually too tired of the project to try it unless I don’t have enough fabric. Someday maybe. Yours looks very good.

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