Dino’s, A Boys Best Friend.

Procrastination, not the way to get your quilt top done. And to add to that it is definitely not the way to get a post put up. But anyway, the top is done now and is so cute!

Who knew one scrap-box could hold so much adorable dino fun!

It will be a finished quilt soon!

Thanks for reading.


5 thoughts on “Dino’s, A Boys Best Friend.

  1. Dino-riffic! You did a wonderful job on the Dino Quilt. I have been procrastinating also, but this weekend the temps will be in close to the hundreds, so I will be staying indoors. Got my fabric organized better so I will get to sew some. Thank you for sharing.

  2. love it!!! the colors are great!!! so bright and pretty for a little boy—and some little girls i know would love it too!!! all of us quilters have something in the bag somewhere that we have put off doing and all of a sudden it seems new and we get to it!!! so you are learning to be a true quilter..

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