The Tropics Come To Utah

Lemons, avocados, pineapple. These are typically thought to live in Hawaii, right? Well now they’re living in Utah, and loving it here! The start of the tropical move-in was when I was five and got a miniature lemon tree. It is now full-sized and is producing lots of lemons.

The blossoms in the picture above smell sweet, but the fruit when ripe is so much sweeter.

This lemon isn’t ripe yet. Last year my brother took some of the seed from a lemon I grew and planted it.  He now has four baby lemon trees!

He also tried planting a pineapple top, since that is how you grow a pineapple. It will be planted in a pot soon since roots are coming out the bottom.

I have become more and more curious about what would thrive here and discovered that avocados LOVE this climate!

Keep experimenting!


6 thoughts on “The Tropics Come To Utah

  1. That’s a wonderful green thumb you have! I love all those things, and lemon blossoms are the sweetest of the citrus scents, I think. There was a song in the sixties. “Lemon tree very pretty, and the blossoms smell so sweet, but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat!” =) I like them, though!

  2. You are quite a gardener, Sparkle Jane. t’s not how many seeds are in the lemon, but how many lemons are in the seed. We lived in Hawaii for 4 years and the pineapple fields were not too far from our house on the North Shore. The Dole pineapple company had a stand where you could stop and have some fresh picked cut pineapple. So refreshing and so good.on a warm Hawaiian afternoon. Have you tried papaya,, they are easy to grow..

  3. WOW, I am waaaay impressed. I live in Tennessee; I think I will try each of those here and see what happens. I’m so glad you shared this with us. 🙂 Who would have known that they would thrive in Utah. Totally awesome. :d

  4. you are such a clever girl!!!! not only a clever quilter but a clever orchard gal…i love lemon anything and pineapple anything but not too crazy about avacados..good luck on your orchard!!!!

  5. Very impressive! I’ve wanted to start a garden of my own for years now, but I’ve always lived in apartments where that wasn’t a feasible idea. But maybe doing little things like planting a pineapple top, or getting a miniature fruit tree or something like it might not be a bad start!

  6. I’m truly impressed. I’ve never had any luck doing this. My 8yr old grandaughter and I tried unsuccessfully to grow a pineapple from the top. We planted an apple seed with no success.

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