Thank You Betty Lou!

Thank you Betty Lou for the very kind post! She talks about some of my recent endeavors and goings on. If you want to see this amazing and very kind post all you do is click HERE!

Didn’t the Fall Snowballs quilt get a happy home?  There is even a kitty to love it.

P.S. Her blog is really cool!


4 thoughts on “Thank You Betty Lou!

  1. Thank you Sparkle Jane, I should have put my little dachshund, Rusty, in the picture but he is a little camera shy. The kitty is a tall figurine that I have had for a long time, but she is well behaved. I can’t always say that about Rusty..

  2. i read betty lou’s article and thought what a nice article…and i do love the quilt..the colors are so good together..she is lucky to have the quilt and you are lucky to have been able to make such a beautiful piece of art!!!!!

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