Umm… This?

Soooo… my mom LOVES to use things she calls “fabric in the shape of”.  “Fabric in the shape of” is some thing that is made out of really cute fabric, but is either in a shape we don’t really like, or simply doesn’t fit!

One of my most loved and worn “fabric in the shape of’s”, started out as a dress that fitted neither my mom nor me, and to make matters worse, the to large dress also had all the button holes torn.

    Get the cutting board and scissors! A few cuts and a few hours at the sewing machine later we had a really cute outfit!


In this particular case, neither my mom or I liked the shape the fabric was in, but we both loved the fabric.


So, major remodel time. Once again their off! The scissors flying and the “fabric in the shape of quickly” becoming one skirt and one piece of garbage  

I love it! I can’t wait to see what my mom and I turn out next!

Thanks for reading!


11 thoughts on “Umm… This?

  1. how much fun must that be to have a mom who can turn any shape into a darling outfit?? think of all the clothes you can have for little cost—in money and are lucky!! and so is mom….she gets to make outfits for the prettiest model in town!!!!

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