A Fishy Finish

Finally finished! I have been working on this for three years. I got it from a neighbor, worked on it for a while, and stopped. Then a while later I found it again, did a little work on it and put it away.

This continued on, until this year during The Horror of… The Big Clean. ( Scroll down to see the post. )  During the clean I found the fish scarf. Carefully folding it, I put it in my UFO/WIP list box.

The next day, I was sewing on a quilt when I realised I wanted to work on it, so promptly I stopped sewing and worked on it for a long time.

So now its done, the glorious finish for the fish scarf.

Thanks for reading!


8 thoughts on “A Fishy Finish

  1. i love it!! UFOs are always there waiting for us…they never leave when we put them aside..it is nice to get one out once in awhile and get it done, finished, put to good use!!!! cute design…

  2. I did the close close up look, and your chain stitch is really terrific! The whole scarf looks great. Are you using it on your dresser? Your descripition of stopping your sewing and jumping on the stitching you wanted to do made me smile. You are SUCH a quilter! =)

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