The Springy Squares Finish

The squares that I put up a few days ago, Springy Squares, are now finished! I think that it is the cutest thing ever. It’s such a perfect baby girl quilt, wouldn’t you agree?

The back looks really good too. We had a hard time finding just the right piece of backing fabric, but we found one that matched. 

So it’s done!I think it’s a striking quilt and I love it.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. This quilt is available in the QUILTS FOR SALE section above. It’s dimentions are approximately 35″ X 38″.


7 thoughts on “The Springy Squares Finish

  1. Great job! It’s a really cheerful, beautiful quilt. You could even use it to play I spy games. My 4 year old loves doing that; finding fabrics that are the same.

  2. what a darling baby quilt..some sweet little baby girl is going to really enjoy that…your eye for color is great…

  3. It will be wonderful for a baby. They see darker colors before pastels, so this is perfect! I don’t know anyone expecting, sadly. And for a change!

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