I’ve Been Featured!

A few weeks ago, I entered in the HMQS quilt show (www.hmqs.org). Elizabeth, who knows my mom by blog, saw the quilt I entered and really liked it.  (Thank you, Elizabeth and everyone else, for the encouragement!)

Here is Elizabeth’s own quilt.  My mom and I took this picture just because we liked the quilt.  Long before we knew Elizabeth herself. It is a real honor to be featured in a very kind post on her blog.

Attending the show was an amazing experience.  There were many beautiful quilts that inspired me.

There was one quilt there that was absolutely beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to make it.  It was a red/white Dear Jane.  All embroidery!

 I might enter the show again next year because I really enjoyed it.  One thing I know, though, is that it won’t be with a Dear Jane.




8 thoughts on “I’ve Been Featured!

  1. We see alike on Dear Jane! Lovely to look at, but definitely not a project for me! Love the quilts you photographed. I see a rainbow trend there!

  2. your bowtie quilt in the rainbow colors was by far the best of the lot..the color placement and the neatness really showed your stuff…the other quilts are lovely..like you i would not even try the dear jane or for that matter the one with swirled colors….we are so proud of you…yes go for it again next year!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Sparkle Jane, your bow tie entry was outstanding. There is not a Dear Jane in my future as well, I enjoy looking at them but that is about it. The embroidery DJ is a work of art, a real heirloom.

  4. Congratulations Miss Sparkle Jane. Great interview and I eally love your bow tie quilt. I have had the Dear Jane book for years and I do think it will only ever be a coffee table book in this house. But to embroider them, I don’t think so.

  5. Hi Sparkle Jane, I come through Elisabeth’s blog and wanted to say I think your work is amazing! Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!

  6. I saw your quilt down there also! it was great girl! I have become very impressed by your mother. She has been teaching me a couple classes. I have really enjoyed it. You do a great job! Keep up the great work!

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