The Perfect Way To End The Year

For the last week of school, and the week before Christmas break my school has what we call “intensives”. Intensives are quite literally a intense study of one thing for a whole week. This week was my first time to choose my intensive because the sixth graders have to take astronomy for our first intensive, beacause there is a lot of astronomy on our science test.

 This time though, I got to choose. Mrs. Maloy was offering a quilting class, so of course I did that intensive.


The whole thing has been really fun. I learned a new pattern that I think is the cutest thing. One of my friends that was in the class with me made one I really liked.

Other people did a really good job, too.

Mine?  Well, it was OK, but I wish it were a little less pink.

But, because the design is so effective, I picked out more fabric and hope to start working on it soon.  How many projects do I have going right now?  Hmmm…somewhere around 20, I think???  Better make a list or I’ll get lost.

Isn’t it CUTE?!  I think this is moving to the top of my list.


12 thoughts on “The Perfect Way To End The Year

  1. Congrats on your new blog. And you are just flying along at quilting. Way to go!! I chuckled when I read you needed to start a list of all your projects you are working on. Welcome to the world of quilting, UFO’s/WIP’s and all. 🙂

  2. welcome to the world of quilt blogging!!!! i know i will enjoy reading your blogs as much as i do of your mother’s..and your quilts are the pink one and how did i guess it would have kittens in it??? you have 20 unfinished projects??..welcome to the world of loving to start then getting another idea and wanting to move on to that one..i just finished 6 of my 21 unfinished projects so now you are ahead of me..just keep on working on them..good luck in all you do….

  3. WOW! Aren’t you lucky to do classes in school for quilting? They don’t do ANYTHING like that here in the UK which is a real shame as my granddaughter who is 11 would love to do something like that. I found your blog via your Mum’s and am really interested to see what you are doing as it gives me an idea of what Abi might enjoy. Love your ‘snowball’ quilts. Keep up the good work.


  4. I love that they offered a quilting one. I did it in my school when we had “mini-classes” every Thursday one year. It’s so much fun to see what gets made. Your pictures of the projects are great, and I like yours, in spite of all the pink. =)

  5. That IS a really cute pattern. I’m trying to figure it out…nine patches and then, every other block- a big square in the corner of a nine patch rotated around?

  6. Welcome to “blogland” Sparkle Jane! You are sooooo lucky to have such a great quilting teacher living with you! (Your Mom!!!) I’m looking forward to seeing more of your great quilts and reading your blog! Have fun quilting!!! 🙂

  7. Welcome to the blogging land Miss Sparkle Jane. How awsome are you? Real awsome I say. It will be so nice to be able toget to know you more through your thoughts, words and pictures and not just through your Mums. Not that Mum doesn’t let us know how awsome you are, but you know Mums, we’re pretty proud and wordy when it comes to talking about our kids. I love your new quilts and why wasn’t quilting offered when I was at school? Well maybe it has to do with, I am in Australia and dressmaking was all I had in school and it is 45yrs since I left school. And yes, put those 20 projects aside and work on that cute cat fabric and ric rac.


  8. I wish my school had offered a quilting class. I know you have been quilting for some time, but I was 70 before I started. Love your blog.

  9. Congratulations Sparkle Jane for starting your own blog. Once you start to sew/quilt you will never be bored, but I think you already know that. Your mind will always be busy creating new designs in your head. I loved your comment that you ” may be the only one who quilts her way to college.” I would love to buy one of your quilts in the future, just can’t decide which one, they are all so pretty I just signed on as a new Follower. Hugs

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