Snowball Quilts (spring and fall)

This is really a very effective pattern. I love it because it’s so easy but so pretty. The name fits it too, snowballs. Since it snows just about any time here in Utah, the colors are very realistic.

This one is Spring Snowballs (front and back).

This one is Fall Snowballs (front only).

These are both available for purchase in the QUILTS FOR SALE tab above.

Don’t worry these don’t make it snow in your house. ( The block won’t melt either).


3 thoughts on “Snowball Quilts (spring and fall)

  1. Love your sense of humor. I see where your mom gets it. =) The only quilt I have made by my mother is a snowball one, so it’s a favorite pattern of mine, too.

  2. i love them…especially the spring one..the colors are beautiful but i like the fall one too as the colors are so rich together.,.,you have a real eye for color..must be where your mom got that do beautiful work!!!!

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