Springy Squares

So cute! Who knew that a scrap bag could hold so much fun? Two weeks ago my mom and I received a bag of scrapes, but never got around to looking through it until yesterday when we had time after church  to look it over. Or, should I say that my mom had time?

I came down the stairs into the sewing room to ask her a question, and discovered her sorting through the box.  I noticed that there were four color-coded piles.  Mom told me that this was an idea for some larger quilts I could make for my business. I’m so excited to get started! By the time we were through the box, there were seven piles, all with enough fabric to make a baby or throw sized quilt.

Hopefully I can get more of my current projects done so I can work on these things! If you want to to see my mom’s blog(and it’s really awesome) go to weddingdressblue. I’m going to post about these pretty often so please visit again soon!

2 thoughts on “Springy Squares

  1. organization is the key to saving time…keep up that idea..they will be beautiful…you do such beautiful work…it is so much fun to get scraps from others…i have gotten several bags of them in the last few months and so much fun to go thru…

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