The Progress Made

Well, it’s been two months since I last posted. Yikes! Bad girl Sparkle, bad bad girl. I apologize for that, and thank you all for being so very patient with my general boringness over the past few months. Though I haven’t posted, I have still worked on my quilting.


In fact, I’ve worked a lot. These are only six of the quilts I’ve finished in the past 2 months of silence.


Though we aren’t quite done with all of the 52 yet, I’m sure that we’ll have them done by the end of the year. This project has really opened my eyes to how much fabric we have in this house, it seems like no matter how much fabric we use there still isn’t even a dent.


Anyway, I’m going to try and be around more, so expect more of Sparkle soon!



Presents of a Stranger Nature

Well, we all have hard times, but it’s hard to watch someone you care about go through them. One of my best friends is in a hard spot right now, and me and a couple other people have banded together to do something a little less than conventional for him (In a good way).


Right now I have about 200-250 small envelopes (No bigger than 4×6 inches) that each contain a note card with a quote/thought on them. They’re each labeled with Open if/when/because…And the a scenario i.e. Life’s not going the way you want it to, you’re angry, you want inspiration; just any scenario that applies to the quote inside.

The idea is that these can be distraction, help, and laughter for him while it’s tough. However, I’d love to have an absolute boatload to send to him, and I need some help. The box is going to be shipped from my house about the 23 of October, and I know that this is really short notice, but could you all help me out?

What I’m looking for is REALLY good quotes. Please, take a minutes, comment with a few of your favorites. Stop your husband as he’s walking by and interrogate him, I don’t really care how, but I need quotes!



P.S. If you would spread the word, that would be cool too!

Shakespeare Snippets

The Cedar City Utah Shakespeare festival is renown all over the united states, and is just about worshiped by all high school Shakespeare nerds here in Utah. Well really, just teenager drama and acting nerds in general.

The festival itself goes on for several months, and is frequented and performed at by groups from all over the U.S. One weekend is different however. One weekend a year, the teens take over. For one weekend, teen drama enthusiasts come together to joke, stress, and compete in Shakespearian stuff together. This year, I joined the throng.

It was lovely. Three days of acting, improv, lighting, stage setup and dancing classes can wear a girl out though. We got lost, we made the instructors shout with laughter, and we discovered new and wonderful treats (apple cider with whipped cream). We laughed, cried, and moaned; overwhelmed with emotion from various plays and productions. We made new friendships, got out of the comfort zone, and learned a lot.

So over all, a great experience. I’m definitely going back next year. How many of my bloggers out there were drama people at some point, or still are?



Well, I’m still not old enough to go to homecoming with a date (16 is the mandatory age in my family) but my friends convinced me to go anyway, and I’m glad they did.


I had a ridiculous amount of fun last night, I will totally admit. Our homecoming was held outside, so it was a smudge chilly, but otherwise the whole night was about as close to perfect as one person could possibly ask for.


I’m in red, and the girl with me is one of my best friends (she’s the one that got me to come). I danced and I sang, and I totally loved the entire thing. It’s a blessing to be 15 and free for a night. It was surprisingly fun to not have a date…I could dance with anyone I felt like.

-Sparkle Jane

P.S. Sorry for the funny faces in the pictures, my mom cause me laughing in every one!

Lulu, The Head Toe-Licker

Well, we have now had the dog for 3 weeks, and we are completely delighted with her. She’s a little energy bundle, always ready to run, until she looses all power on the pooch and then naps for 3 hours. While snoring, whining, and woofing quietly and adorably in her sleep.

Every time someone is gone from her presence for more than 10 minutes, when they return, she has a standard greeting ritual. Hop and dance around for a few moments, the lick every inch of your hands, knees (if she can reach them), and toes (if they’re uncovered) that she can possibly reach. It’s rather wet, but in a joyful way.


She loves all chew bones, sticks, and people. We’re working on her enjoying other dogs. She likes running with them fine, but as soon as play fighting starts, she’s out of there. We used to think that she didn’t like water, until she went bouncing into the big mud puddle at the dog park. So she just doesn’t like bathes. But loves mud. Great.

But truly, all in all, we’re loving the new pooch.



A Busy Time…

Well, the Sparkle Jane is back. It’s been a crazy week (thus the lack of posting), and I’ve been crazy tired, so not much has been happening in between activities other than sleep (and a quick seam or two when I had a moment). A run down of what’s happened between last time I posted and now:

We brought my highly bi-polar laptop to our local Office Max to have it checked out and repaired, and got it back Monday afternoon.

Tuesday: First day of school, no time for anything other than school, mostly because we had to completely change my class schedule so that I actually had math. And ┬áthen I needed sleep after that. Only I couldn’t sleep until after I had packed for camping.

Wednesday: Second day of school, lots of running around to find classes, and even more explaining to do to teachers who didn’t have me on their roles yet. After school, load equipment of trucks, load teens on buses, head up to camp.

Wednesday afternoon-Friday night: Run around the woods at the lake, get super tan on stand-up paddle boards, and roast marshmallows with 200 other “highschoolers”.

Friday night after getting home: Unpack, and promptly crash from lack of sleep.

Saturday: Run up to Logan to visit my best friend, spend most of the day with him, come home and take the dog to the dog park for the first time.

Sunday: Wake up too late, and finally decide to maintain the blog. High time.


P.S. Just as general information, we have a new dog. Her name is Lulu “mostly called Lu), and she’s a shelter dog. She came home Tuesday.


The title is a quick pronunciation lesson for the word Elefantes. Derived from the word “Elephants” it is used by a 15-year-old Sparkle Jane and her mother to describe small and adorable fabric elephants.


There also happen to be a few giraffes in with the “Elefantes” but we don’t have any clever or amusing words for them, hence the choice of “Elefantes”.


We didn’t get any very good pictures of the Elephant Print, but you can see them at a distance in the full quilt picture. Perhaps if you zoom in you can see the better?


Really, whether you’ve zoomed yourself in or not, I think that this is adorable. It’s made with 3 1/2 inch squares and coordinating strips of various widths. The back has a little yellow in it, which is why I added yellow to the top even though there was no yellow on the elephant print.

Happy sewing!