Both my mom and I are somewhat at a loss about a name for this quilt…It is small…It has 9 patches…It involves little bears, raccoons, rabbits, etc…But I am having a total lack of inspiration about what to call it.


The big print blocks were given to us at some point by someone…I have a big bin of potential quilt kits that I keep in my room and the blocks were on top so they were dragged out, and put to use. I like the quilt, it’s just not getting the “creative names” part of my mind going. Help? Suggestions?


Either way I had a lot of fun making it. So all’s well right?


The Daily Thought #84-87

#84. Forget the Joneses.

Okay, I admit I’m lost. I don’t know what this term means at all.

#85. Never encourage anyone to become a lawyer.

At least we can all laugh, right?

#86. Don’t smoke.

Yes. Absolutely. Please.

#87. Even if you are financially well-to-do, have your children earn and pay for part of their college tuition.

This is a fabulous idea. After college kids are going to have to learn to take care of themselves, and paying for college can teach them that, and it will also probably make them work a little harder knowing tha it’s their money that’s being spent as well.

Owl City

My baby nephew recently turned 1-year-old. He’s an adorable chubby little bundle of joy and giggles, and I wanted to make him a fabulous present.


And he now has a fuzzy quilt. This is a quilt made of mostly flannel squares with a few large pin wheels and small 4-patches. Is it possible to have too much fun making a quilt?


Anyways, we’re glad to have our baby, and I had fun making this owl quilt.



Is This Even Healthy????

So, one glance at me tells you that I am no health freak. And that I really like chocolate. But in this case, I am not speaking about physical or bodily health. I am speaking of general sanity.

When my mother and I started the 52-in-2015 project, I decided I needed a system if I was going to effectively complete the quilts. I debated on what system to adopt for a while, but I’m not sure if the one I’ve decided on is genius or the end of me. Here it is:

Make 4 quilt tops

Baste those 4 quilts into quilts

Quilt all four

Attach bindings and complete.

I’m currently on my second round of this system, and here is my pile:


Please, don’t ask me why I decided on the number four, because I really do not know. It just seemed like a nice, comfortable number. The thing that I’m questioning now is this: Is this really good for mental sanity? Should I continue? Would I even be able to stop if it isn’t good for my health?

These are all questions to ponder!


I Got a Little Turned Around…

This quilt’s name is turnaround.


I could have SWORN that I wrote a post for this charming little quilt. But apparently, I misplaced it or it vanished into the cyber-maze somewhere, because when I searched, I could find not a trace of evidence that I have ever even started a post. To say the least, I am a little confused and bemused. Am I dream-writing blog posts in my mind now? Am I just crazy? I don’t know…


So here it is now. In one of scrap bags my mom and I was given I found a whole bunch of cherry red, chocolate brown. and turquoise scraps that were all nearly the same size. What now?

As my mother is my constant quilt councilor (Should that be her official term now instead of mom? “Constant Quilt Councilor”…That has a nice ring to it!) anyways, she directed me to “Another Bite of Schnibbles” by Carrie Nelson. Her pattern “Roundabout” perfectly suited my scraps. I love it!


The Peacock

I have this crazy love for blue and green. I don’t know why. I suspect it’s because all of my best memories are based around those two colors, but either way the compulsion is real for me.



I got this new skirt a little while ago, and I finally devised a reasonable outfit for it. Sorry that I’m making a kind of funny face in all of the pictures…Sometimes these things just happen..


Not The Turtle Neck

I do not do Turtle neck sweaters. Something about that particular neckline just doesn’t work for me. 2015-02-07 12.04.28

(Pre cut-off)

I don’t know if it’s just the closeness, or what, but whatever it is, it is not okay. I wore this sweater once, and after that long, long day of claustrophobia, I left it hanging in my closet. You may be wondering why I didn’t just throw it away, because that would make more sense than it taking up closet space right? Well, for one it has the most comfortable fabric ever, and for another, I loved the color. So it has sat. And sat. And sat.

2015-02-07 13.13.49

I LOVE boat neck sweaters. The loose slouchy feeling is just the best thing ever. So, when in doubt, go find scissors.

2015-02-07 13.13.57-2

2015-02-07 13.13.56

In the end, I decided to not only cut off the collar, but about 6 inches off the sleeves as well. Now it not only has perfect fabric, but it also isn’t drowning me.

Thanks for reading,


P.S. Big thanks to for the great idea!

P.P.S you may be wondering why these pictures are from fall…This post has been sitting in my draft inventory since I wrote it…I don’t know why I never published it, but the fact of things are that I still love that sweater.