Lulu, The Head Toe-Licker

Well, we have now had the dog for 3 weeks, and we are completely delighted with her. She’s a little energy bundle, always ready to run, until she looses all power on the pooch and then naps for 3 hours. While snoring, whining, and woofing quietly and adorably in her sleep.

Every time someone is gone from her presence for more than 10 minutes, when they return, she has a standard greeting ritual. Hop and dance around for a few moments, the lick every inch of your hands, knees (if she can reach them), and toes (if they’re uncovered) that she can possibly reach. It’s rather wet, but in a joyful way.


She loves all chew bones, sticks, and people. We’re working on her enjoying other dogs. She likes running with them fine, but as soon as play fighting starts, she’s out of there. We used to think that she didn’t like water, until she went bouncing into the big mud puddle at the dog park. So she just doesn’t like bathes. But loves mud. Great.

But truly, all in all, we’re loving the new pooch.



A Busy Time…

Well, the Sparkle Jane is back. It’s been a crazy week (thus the lack of posting), and I’ve been crazy tired, so not much has been happening in between activities other than sleep (and a quick seam or two when I had a moment). A run down of what’s happened between last time I posted and now:

We brought my highly bi-polar laptop to our local Office Max to have it checked out and repaired, and got it back Monday afternoon.

Tuesday: First day of school, no time for anything other than school, mostly because we had to completely change my class schedule so that I actually had math. And ¬†then I needed sleep after that. Only I couldn’t sleep until after I had packed for camping.

Wednesday: Second day of school, lots of running around to find classes, and even more explaining to do to teachers who didn’t have me on their roles yet. After school, load equipment of trucks, load teens on buses, head up to camp.

Wednesday afternoon-Friday night: Run around the woods at the lake, get super tan on stand-up paddle boards, and roast marshmallows with 200 other “highschoolers”.

Friday night after getting home: Unpack, and promptly crash from lack of sleep.

Saturday: Run up to Logan to visit my best friend, spend most of the day with him, come home and take the dog to the dog park for the first time.

Sunday: Wake up too late, and finally decide to maintain the blog. High time.


P.S. Just as general information, we have a new dog. Her name is Lulu “mostly called Lu), and she’s a shelter dog. She came home Tuesday.


The title is a quick pronunciation lesson for the word Elefantes. Derived from the word “Elephants” it is used by a 15-year-old Sparkle Jane and her mother to describe small and adorable fabric elephants.


There also happen to be a few giraffes in with the “Elefantes” but we don’t have any clever or amusing words for them, hence the choice of “Elefantes”.


We didn’t get any very good pictures of the Elephant Print, but you can see them at a distance in the full quilt picture. Perhaps if you zoom in you can see the better?


Really, whether you’ve zoomed yourself in or not, I think that this is adorable. It’s made with 3 1/2 inch squares and coordinating strips of various widths. The back has a little yellow in it, which is why I added yellow to the top even though there was no yellow on the elephant print.

Happy sewing!


Twinkle Toes

Well, I just got home yesterday from a 2 week adventure! The first week was at Girls camp (A week long camp for girls between 12-18 run by the LDS church) and that was a great time, especially considering all of the funny things that happened. The second week was spent at my grandparents ranch and that was wonderful as usual.

Thankfully in between those two adventures I did accomplish some quilting, and I finished another quilt.




This is Twinkle Toes! I was having quilt naming block again, but my mom rescued me with her brilliance. Every other block is pink, with 6 little ballerina blocks scattered in among the pink. The other blocks are various colors. They’re 3 1/2 inches square I think…I don’t remember now. Either way, I think it’s darling.



Both my mom and I are somewhat at a loss about a name for this quilt…It is small…It has 9 patches…It involves little bears, raccoons, rabbits, etc…But I am having a total lack of inspiration about what to call it.


The big print blocks were given to us at some point by someone…I have a big bin of potential quilt kits that I keep in my room and the blocks were on top so they were dragged out, and put to use. I like the quilt, it’s just not getting the “creative names” part of my mind going. Help? Suggestions?


Either way I had a lot of fun making it. So all’s well right?


The Daily Thought #84-87

#84. Forget the Joneses.

Okay, I admit I’m lost. I don’t know what this term means at all.

#85. Never encourage anyone to become a lawyer.

At least we can all laugh, right?

#86. Don’t smoke.

Yes. Absolutely. Please.

#87. Even if you are financially well-to-do, have your children earn and pay for part of their college tuition.

This is a fabulous idea. After college kids are going to have to learn to take care of themselves, and paying for college can teach them that, and it will also probably make them work a little harder knowing tha it’s their money that’s being spent as well.

Owl City

My baby nephew recently turned 1-year-old. He’s an adorable chubby little bundle of joy and giggles, and I wanted to make him a fabulous present.


And he now has a fuzzy quilt. This is a quilt made of mostly flannel squares with a few large pin wheels and small 4-patches. Is it possible to have too much fun making a quilt?


Anyways, we’re glad to have our baby, and I had fun making this owl quilt.